Friday, 16 July 2010

How time flies

OK, has been a LONG time since last update! Work and family ate up painting/hobby time until recently. Few days off this week, and managed to get some painting done today.

Looking at the pile of part painted models sitting around waiting, I finally thought enough is enough and made a real push on them today.

Junkers : Finished off 2 x Suicide Bombers, Sergeant, Flame Thrower.

Also cracked on with VASA Colonial Marines (5 with Gauss Rifle & 1 x Chain Gunner).
These had been sitting around for ages. I stripped them using Dettol and undercoated probably around Christmas and had just managed to paint trousers in all that time.

Tomorrow will give them all a dip of Army Painter Quick Shade then its all done (apart from a coat of matt varnish).

Really pleased with how today has gone.

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