Monday, 15 February 2010

Decision time...

Have been pondering the colour schemes yesterday and today.
Think I will go for the "mostly red" scheme. Should look quite impressive when there's a mass of Legionaries surrounding an objective/target.

The rest of the units (thinking ahead) will have red as their main colour (ie, Exosuit armour, Enforcer jacket), and use grey for a spot colour.

Red as the main colour for Legionaries will allow me to cheat a bit (and get the rank & file done quicker). I've got a can of Army Painter red spray paint, so can get them all done, then just have shoulder guards, helmet, leather and backpacks to paint differently. The Army Painter Quickshade will do the rest of the donkey work and a few highlights to finish.

That's the plan - Mrs Flayk would like the kitchen painted this weekend, but should at least be able to have them sprayed and ready (reddy?) to put paint on next week.

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  1. Hi!

    Good luck with the painting! The red scheme will look really good, especially when theres a mass of them!

    All the best!