Sunday, 14 February 2010

Test colour schemes

Took two sacrificial plastic Junkers and gave them very quick & dirty paint jobs in the two colour schemes I'd been thinking of.
Originally, was just going to use the colours from the Void/Junkers books - I quite like them, and it would save me some thinking time!
BUT, I also like to try and make an army "mine", and not just "copy" a scheme.
I'd been thinking along the lines of Roman armies (as that's where all the unit names etc conjure up).
So, there's a grey bodysuit with red armour (based on the books) and a red bodysuit with metallic armour (based on Roman legionaries).

I'm partial to both of these - if I had a whole army in either scheme then it would look quite impressive.
Will think on it through the week and then see what one comes out on top...

1 comment:

  1. Hi!

    Both those paint schemes are rather nice! Its bit difficult to chose which I like better!

    One could be used for regular legionaries while the other might work for praetorians.

    All the best!