Friday, 26 February 2010

Plastic Junkers completed!

Had a week off, plenty of things to do, but managed to get plastic Junkers finished.
This is a bit of a long post, as I'm now trying to get my blog up to date.

Sat 20th : models all glued up, and sprayed white. (Doing the remaining 8, as the 2 test ones will be stripped down and repainted later).
Having decided to go for mostly red scheme, took them back to the shed and gave them a burst of Army Painter Pure Red.
I like Army Painter - it helps me get a job done quicker. Wouldn't necessarily use it if I was making a display model, but for models ending up on the table then its perfect.

Mon 22nd : First coat of base colours. Boltgun Metal for armour, Snakebite Leather for leather. Backpack in Calthan Brown/Commando Khaki.

Tue 23rd : Touch up base colours, make sure there's no odd patches of red on the metal or vice versa. (Not a very good pic this time)

Spent the evening putting gravel on the bases.

Wed 24th : No painting done today but spent the evening filing, prepping and gluing the rest of my Junkers force. Learnt a few things about Exo Suits the hard way. Mainly, should have done the head first and shoulder/thermite lances last. Still, now have 6 more models ready to get underway.

Thu 25th : Army Painter Quickshade time. This gets in all the gaps and creases and tones down the original colours slightly. If you intend using it, paint your models slightly brighter than you normally would.
When I first used this, went with the recommended method of dipping models in tin then shaking them like crazy to get rid of excess and push the shade deeper into folds. Works well, but kills my arms later on.
This time I used a 1/2" brush and splashed it on, then took off excess with cotton buds. Effect seems about the same. Makes the models shiny (also acts as a gloss varnish).

Fri 26th : Quickshade was dry, so back to the shed for coating of Army Painter Matt Varnish. This knocks the gloss effect down. I'd brought the varnish in overnight, as have learnt the hard way that cold varnish tends to "crackle" as it drys.

The gravel needs a drybrush over it, and then some static grass. Trying shield colours next. Have the feeling that red shields would be too much. Thinking of either black, grey or Boltgun Metal.

I'm going to leave them there. Good rank and file troops, done reasonably quickly (by my standards). The sergeant will probably get some highlighting as well to make him stand out more.

Will keep posting with regards to the rest of the force, and working out what else this army could do with!

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