Sunday, 7 February 2010

More plastic Junkers

Did a production line on the remaining 8 Junkers.
Put all the legs in the bases, then assembled all torsos and so on until I had the whole lot ready.
Was OK up until I had to work through 16 shoulder guards...they were pretty fiddly.


  1. Hi!

    Cant wait to see how your force develops!

    What colour scheme are you planing for your Junkers? Are they going to be the traditional red and black or something a bit different.

    Its good to hear that the plastics are decent kits as I had some of the old Warzone plastics which were very irritating to assemble and the starship troopers stuff was far worse!

  2. Thanks for following this blog!
    I'm thinking of grey uniform and red armour (similar to what is on the rulebook cover).
    Going to try a few with Army Painter Quickshade (worked well on Celtos Gaels) and some with washes/drybrushing to see how they come out.
    There were no instructions with the plastic Junkers, so took step by step photos that I'm going to post up here (although they were pretty easy to figure out.
    I'm really pleased with some of the poses I got from the plastics, they look really dynamic (again, pics to be posted soon).

  3. Hi!

    Looking forward to seeing some pictures!

    Im hoping to start a small Void project too at some point soon, again involving junkers!

    I dont know what colour Im going to paint my force yet but want them to be really battered and worn looking.

    Best of luck with the project as it develops!